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Photography is a lifelong passion...the intoxicating thought of capturing a moment in time forever endures. Starting with film and a Yashica C twin lens reflex at age 14, I moved on to a more compact 35mm format in a small number of years, first with a Contaflex, then to a series of Nikon 35mm film cameras. A Nikkormat served me well for almost two decades. My first digital camera was a small Canon in 1999 and then a number of Nikon Coolpixs. The first serious digital camera was a Canon 10d, replaced in 2006 with a Canon 5D, Canon 7D and a number of L series lenses. Presently I shoot with a combination of Nikon D800 and Nikon D500. The Nikon lenses are Nikkors and Tamron. All the current big glass material is shot raw and processed with and Photoshop CC with NIK filters compliments of Google, and I occasionally use DXO Optics Pro.

     I have recently been photographically hijacked in some measure by the smartphone (Samsung S9+ presently) and the GoPro....both of which are capable of some pretty interesting stuff. The phone cameras, in particular are interesting because the quality is getting really darn good, and the extremely small diameter of the lens essentially makes these guys perform like sophisticated pinhole cameras with amazing depth of field. They are capable of shots that big glass cameras just can't match, and of course vice versa.

     In the past my subjects tended to be opportunistic. In recent years they certainly include a number of very cute grandkids, walkaround photo essays, and some pro bono work with the Donna Stoering Notes for Nourishment concert series. The real joy for me these days is the challenge of interpreting a subject and capturing at least some measure of the essence of the subject. Human subjects are always the most challenging.

     I hope you enjoy the images and the site. I can be reached at and love to hear from you. Or just click on the little envelope to the right above to send a general comment without your email....or just comment directly on the link at the bottom of  any individual image.

Best wishes,

J L Carolan

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